Avilés Digital Dental Clinic is born out of a new way of conceptualising dental care which places 360°digitalised processes at the forefront of the whole dental treatment cycle: from diagnostics and planification to design and manufacturing, allowing the patient to see the final results of the treatment before we begin.

Since 2007, when Dr. Pablo Avilés carried out the first guided minimally invasive dental surgery in Andalucía, his focus on digitalisation has extended to every step of the process.

This new methodology integrates digital workflows through solutions in computer-guided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) which allow the patient to “pick” their smile. This is possible because of a combination of complementary technology such as:

  • Intraora scanning (Blu Cam by Cerec and Trios by 3Shape), in order to carry out a detailed study of the patient’s mouth.
  • Design software (Inlab by Cerec, Dental Design, Real View and Implant Studio by 3Shape), to plan the best solution and individualise the procedure for each case.
  • Robotic milling and 3D printing machines (CEREC, ROLAND 51 D, DATRON D5 and FORMLABS) which create digitally designed prosthetics in materials such as ceramics, titanium, resin and zirconium.

The combination of innovative technology with the advantages that come from an expert team of dental technicians, allows us to shorten treatment duration through 3D prosthetic design and fabrication, ensuring máximum quality along the whole process.

At Avilés Digital Dental Clinic we are absolutely devoted to the wellbeing of our patients. To this end, a completely dedicated and highly specialised medical team continously works to increase the aesthetics and funcionality of our patient’s teeth, explaining in detail every phase of the treatment and answering any questions the patient may have during each step.

Long-term solutions with innovative treatments in which we apply cutting edge technology and which are provided by the best medical staff. That is our secret to success. We also want the best for our family, especially when it comes to their health.

Welcome to the future of Dental Care!