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smile design 3

smile design 3

We design the perfect smile

A new look which will change your life


We center our approach around Digital Dentistry advancements and innovations which allow us to offer cutting edge cosmetic treatments, designed through augmented reality by our specialist. You will be able to visualise the final results before starting your treatment

Benefits for the patient

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significon b128 like

Recover your confidence

significon b128 camera

significon b128 camera

Visualise the final result

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significon b128 check

Try our mouth designs

Digital Procedure

Creating the perfect smile is possible thanks to our augmented reality software, with it we can elaborate photorealistic viewings

1. Intraoral scan

Provides real information of the patient’s mouth to the odontologist

2. Pictures and videos

In order to integrate the smile design naturally and harmoniously

3. Real view

We align the 3d designed smile with the patient’s picture

4. Mock up

Try out your design in the mouth before giving the final approval

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are a simple alternative to improve the aesthetic aspect of teeth.

What you must know about dental veneers



Teeth Whitening

Our revolutionary technique for whitening teeth allows us to improve and lighten the color of your teeth. A whiter and shiny tone will provide your smile with the brightness you desire

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